About us – Goals of the Centre for Innovative Research

The purpose of the study designed by the Center for Innovative Research (CIR) is a search for new markers for early detection of civilization diseases. The project will also include the search for biomarkers of individualized targeted therapy of these diseases. Innovative high-throughput technologies like: genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, proteomics, metabolomics and modern methods of medical imaging (hybrid PET / MRI) are planned to be used.

The research areas are defined on the basis of existing scientific interests of research centers involved in the project, and include the diseases of civilization, which are the major global public health threat. These are:
1)    cancer
2)    cardiovascular diseases
3)    obesity and type 2 diabetes
4)    central nervous system diseases (Alzheimer's disease).

An important element of the project is to analyze the large amount of data (millions of records regarding single patient) and integrate them with the disease phenotype using modern analytical methods (including artificial intelligence and data mining). The CIR is expected to open the Laboratory of Bioinformatics that will coordinate analysis of data obtained from high research techniques (terabytes/week) performed in the CIR units, and develop an integrated electronic communication system (video conferencing and distance learning).

In order to understand the role of newly identified biomarkers there are planned tests in animal models and in vitro experiments concerning analysis of function of tested markers and assessment of the role of signaling pathways in pathogenic processes.

An important part of the CIR project will be validation of the identified markers in risk groups and general population. The significant (approx.~ 6000) observational cohort Polish Longitudinal University Study (PLUS) will be formed by CIR. It will include healthy employees of the largest universities in Bialystok (and Warsaw), who will be followed prospectively for a minimum next 10 years (annual visits to analyze environmental factors, blood, urine and stool sampling, anthropometric and imaging testing) and monitored for the development of the studied diseases of civilization.

In order to better conduct an observational cohort studies and clinical trials modern Clinical Research Center at University Hospital in Bialystok and the Clinical Research Center within CEPT in Warsaw, whose realization comes to an end, will be used.

An important aspect of the CIR action will be protection of the intellectual property (obtaining patents in the EU and the U.S.) and their commercialization in collaboration with biotechnological, diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies (i.a. Immunoclin, NoreOre, etc.).

Realization of the five year project "The search for new biomarkers of civilization diseases using high-throughput techniques and modern diagnostic imaging" will be possible by integrating the activities of units forming the Center of Innovative Research (agreement signed on March 2, 2012), which will coordinate research activities, create "critical mass" to solve scientific problems, more efficiently manage the received funds (the Steering Committee, Program Committee) and create possibilities for the efficient development of the young scientists (Committee for Education of Young Scientists).

The CIR will also coordinate actions in Ph.D. studies and training of young scientists and it will organize joint interdisciplinary international Ph.D. studies in the field of biostatistics-bioinformatics.